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[Sep. 21st, 2005|08:22 am]
Girly Gurlz!


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okay, so i try so hard to make this guy realize i can be better than his ex girlfriend, DOES IT WORK? no, gah..he relates everything to her, he's so heartbroken and i want to freaking change that..it's driving me crazy, but as for right now..he's supposed to be coming to the haunted forest friday night, which totally give me an oppertunity to talk to him more than i can at work, and actually hangout with him! but, he'll probably be with dave..DAMN YOU DAVE. oh well, ill just get on dave..haha. um yeah..i hope it will be okay. on friday last week i was doing pasta bar with ian and dave..and it was weird cause they are strange when they are together, but then like..dave was like "we don't need your help." just joking around cause it was like dead slow..so i went into the back to help chels, and then the pasta light went on..so i went out there and i was doing bread, and ian was putting a plate down and i was trying to grab it before he put it down, and he's like "what are you trying to hold my hand!" and i was like "psh no!!" and he was like "what is there something wrong with me!" and i was like "nope, just not holding your hand tonight!" it was funny..but yeah. i have to go to school now. OH, i started cosmotology school it's great..except some of the girls are meh..but it's okay, cause well..im freaking sexy. and last week, i cut 6 inches of my hair, and dyed it brown and red.

[User Picture]From: insecure___
2005-09-21 04:14 pm (UTC)
you're hot. It's okay. I love you. We'll get married and have little Texan-Utahan redneck geek babies. I love yoooou Alliepiekins Lehleh Annidoodle. Wow.. that's long.

-Bekka...something...I forgot...s;nsdf;jkndfs?
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